Rehabilitative Exercise Training 

Dr. Jang has worked as a personal trainer and group exercise coach both privately and in gyms/studios since 2004. She has acquired certifications in Personal Training (NCSF), TRX, Sports Medicine, Pilates, Barre, Spinning, and Group Exercise Training. Dr. Jang draws on her extensive fitness background to help restore her clients to optimal health and performance. In the clinic, we see a wide range of patients from professional athletes to tech workers, expectant mothers, and everyone else in between. 


Programs may include:

Post Injury Rehabilitation

Prenatal Fitness

Postnatal Abdominal Restoration

Pain Management

Injury Prevention 

Strength Training

Corrective Postural Exercises

Foam Rolling and Trigger Point Therapy


The exercise training Dr. Jang provides will enhance other treatment modalities used in the clinic to regain total health and wellness. Dr. Jang always reminds patients that it is essential to do their part at home as well, 

 "If you come in just once a week, I have no idea what you do the other 167 hours of the week. We want to build on our progress and not create set backs. Since patients cannot perform acupuncture on themselves at home, individualized exercise programs and other dietary recommendations are a great way to complement the work we do in the clinic, and speed recovery time in between office treatments."